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Desiree Corral Serrano

General Health Psychologist


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Hello! I am Desiree Corral Serrano, General Health Psychologist specialized in the psychological treatment of adults.

Customer testimonials

"I started therapy with Desiree a couple of months ago and the truth is that I could not be happier and more comfortable with all the work we are doing. In each session you can see her involvement with the case and she always explains everything in the clearest and most orderly way possible, allowing for flexibility. At the time it was hard for me to decide on a psychologist but without a doubt I think it has been a complete success :)"


"In the last few visits I feel more and more the progress I am making. Desiree always makes me feel comfortable and safe to be able to share my vulnerability a little bit with her and I appreciate it a lot. Doing the online consultation has not made it difficult for me in any way."


"Desiree has been an excellent therapist: punctual, empathetic, understanding and honest. She has been able to provide me with the most appropriate resources and techniques to help me deal with my problems correctly."


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